How-To Prepare For 1st Appt./Exam

1) If you are utilizing insurance, you will need to request a script from your child’s primary care physician. 3. How to prepare for you child's 1st appt
2) Fax your child’s script directly to SMART Pediatric Therapy @ 623-399-6416. **If you have questions about obtaining a script, please call our office for guidance and we will work with you.** Intensive SI Treatment
3) After an appointment has been scheduled, you will be emailed an intake form to be completed and brought to your child’s 1st appointment (please bring your insurance card).

4) We are open in discussing prices and costs with you, as the last thing you want is an unexpected bill later. If you intend to use your insurance, call the number on your card and verify your deductible and coinsurance before your first visit. Absent financial hardship, you will be required to pay these amounts.




" Susan Gregg, founder of SMART Pediatric Therapy, is one of the most outstanding occupational therapists with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. Susan’s treatment is founded in the principals of sensory integration and regulation, which is the basis for learning. " -
Kari Rambo, M.N.S., CCC-SLP – Goodyear, AZ

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